Sifu Ta-tchen Tchoung Research Fund.


The Sifu Ta-tchen Tchoung Research Fund has been established at the USC Norris Cancer Center. This tribute fund is for the promotion of Cancer Research. Those interested in donating to the Tchoung Research fund can contact USC Norris Center at (323) 865-0700 1441 Eastlake Ave, Room 8302, Mail Stop #83, Los Angeles, CA 90089-9181


Grandmaster Tchoung Leaves Us


The Following was the printed Eulogy of Master Tchoung as written on the Program Feb 28th, 2000. Minister Rev. Francis Choi. The Verbal Eulogy in English was given by Mr. Tim Glasheen, and in Chinese by Mr. Laurens Lee.

(Psalm 23, Amazing Grace, Psalm 90: 1-12, were included in the service and are included at the bottom of this page and are also followed by two versions of the 10 Commandments.)

Tai Chi Chuan Grandmaster Tchoung Ta-Tchen was born in Hunan Province in China. In the Second World War he joined the military and ended his military career in Taiwan. He studied Tai Chi Chuan from others and developed his own style Tchoung's Double Form. After almost a half century of teaching Tai Chi Chuan his students and their students numbered in the thousands all over the world. Despite his busy teaching schedule he spent time with his wife Phyllis and his sons and grandchildren both in Vancouver and China. After retiring from active teaching, he fulfilled his dream of writing a Tai Chi Chuan book titled "The Annotated Theoretical and Practical Tai Chi Chuan". In his leisure time he enjoys Chinese Calligraphy. On Feb 22, 2000 Grandmaster Tchoung passed away peacefully. He will be missed by his beloved family, friends, and a multitude of tai chi chuan students and colleagues.


Student Statements:

We were all saddened to learn of the passing of Grandmaster Tchoung. Sifu as we call him opened up many of our lives to the depths of this subtle art. When I taught my class this week, I had a vision of Sifu, I could see him and hear his words. Sifu has been part of me for many years. He was one of the most significant people in my life. Sifu Tchoung was truly a father-teacher to us all and he was a great inspiration to me. Sifu's gift of his unique t'ai-chi ch'uan will go on forever though his students and their students. We will honor him though continuing his art. He gave us all the fabulous gift of his art, but even more was his showing us a way of thinking and understanding, he taught us a way of challenging ourselves, above all to achieve clarity. He told me to learn from him, then to amplify on his teaching. He was more than a teacher, he was a visionary. His open attitude toward teaching everyone and his enthusiasm in teaching to raise the level of the art is part of his uniqueness. I am glad that I had the opportunity to spend time with him and that was very special for me. His name will go on through the generations through his students. I will miss him. We are all very sad at his passing. I pray that he will find peace and a better world ahead. May the Lord console his family and his students. His loss is not just to us, but to the whole tai chi community. We have all lost a Great Treasure and a very special person. Written by Harvey Kurland


The first time I met Sifu Tchoung was after the week that Harvey Kurland, Diane Schilling and I spent at Eric's camp. We spent the day with him, did the form in his classroom studio, home, and all went out to that Sushi Deli Restaurant where I sat with him and his wife Phyllis. He wrote his birthday menu on a napkin in Chinese characters and gave it to me. I was downstairs talking to the teenage boys that were with Eric, and Sifu popped out of the bathroom, and without a word, walked up to me and put his arms around me and hugged and smiled; very affectionate, he made me feel comfortable and at ease. The second time was at the Conference. I got in line with the Chinese friends to greet him, and told him that I was with Harvey, which made him smile. I took some pictures, Phyllis remembered me. I certainly felt it when he received my letter and the copy of the photo I sent as well as the other stuff. The biggest thing in my mind is in the rooting demo when Nancy and Myra were pushing hands with each other and I was being pressed by a nineteen year old Canadian young man who couldn't budge me. That was impressive. When I turned around, Sifu and other teachers were sitting in chairs behind us, observing. He came up and put energy into Nancy and Myra's backs with his right hand, and when I asked, he showed me how to do it. There were other times as well. We spent a lot of hours up there with him. It is great loss. Written by Ruth Villalobos

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