History of Tai Chi Chuan

Effect of Tai Chi Exercise Combined with Mental Imagery Theory in Improving Balance in a Diabetic and Elderly Population

PEACE AND JOY ARE OUR NATURAL STATE a conversation with Tulku Thondup Rinpoche

Practice Makes Perfect

Knee Strength

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Don't Surprise Me!

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Proven to Promote Good Health

Raymond Chung

Exercise Improves Cardiovascular Consequences of Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension

T'ai Chi San Shou

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I am not the Better Style

T'ai Chi Lowers Blood Pressure

Starting or Getting Back to T'ai Chi

Progressing in T'ai Chi

NWTCCA History

In Matters of Taste there is no Dispute

T'ai Chi for Health

Sifu Ta-tchen Tchoung Research Fund

T'ai Chi Extends Peace to UCR 

Hsiung Yang-Ho's San Shou Form

Martial Arts Instructor Earns International Recognition

A Teacher's Gripe Session

T'ai Chi in Cardiac Rehabilitation

Weight Training & RA

Martial Arts Teacher Respect

1997 T'ai Chi Riverside Tournament

ADHT & Tai Chi Chuan

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Ch'i Kung Illness

Crouching Tiger

Tai Chi Chien/Tao

T'ai Chi Sword

Motorcycle Racing and Tai Chi

Comparisons are Difficult

Guard Against Three Faults

Hsiung Yang-Ho's San Shou Form

Martial Arts are Not Ennobling

Nimble and Lively

Raising a Corpse from the Dead

Realty Testing Mystification and Learning

Religion and the Martial Arts

Shaolin Temple

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Tai Chi Chuan To Promote Good Health

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